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The city of Crewe, which borders Manchester city centre has eventually risen from the shadows of its illustrious neighbour as it has been redeveloped and regenerated. Part of the regeneration in the city of Crewe was the development of Media city and that has brought a greater amount of wealth to the city. Consequently another great attraction to the area is an influx of stunning Crewe escorts, ensuring no man has an excuse for being lonely. A few things have made the short trip from Manchester such as the Granada Television and BBC studios and of course some of the escorts have moved their base a few miles down the road to relocate in the new luxury apartments which have sprung up in this newly modernised area, which up till the turn of the century was largely undeveloped. It is an environment that secret babes Crewe escorts thrive in as they love to live and work in the area. This happy state of mind helps them be better escorts, always having a smile on their face.  Due to the redevelopment of the Crewe quays and the new industries brought to the area there is a lot more to do as various enterprises have moved in offering multitude of activities. The adventurous Crewe escorts are perfect companions to make the most of these leisure and cultural facilities.

One of the main developments around the Crewe Quays area is Media city and amongst other things housed there are the BBC studios who offer a interesting tours. This is the home to Match of the day, Blue Peter and many other of your favourites and you can get a fascinating insight on how these programs are made. It is also where Radio 5 live, CBBC, BBC sport and the BBC Philharmonic operate from.  Granada Studios have also relocated to Media city and offer Coronation street tours, where you and your Crewe escort can see where this iconic program is made. There is also the Crystal maze experience which is brought to you by Granada studios. The complex has a lot more to offer than BBC and Granada studios and the presence of an attractive Crewe escort is bound to exponentially improve and enhance your experience, giving you plenty to talk about whilst having drinks later.

Lots of fun activities to enjoy with your Crewe escort

If you into fun splashing around in the water then the Helly Hansen water sports centre ¬†gives you and your adventurous Crewe escort a chance to mess about and have fun. You can choose anything from dinghy sailing and windsurfing to power boating or the dryer but adrenaline pumping activity of climbing. It also plays host to Manchester’s only Wake board park and offers you an exciting experience whether you are a novice or someone with experience. If you are looking for adventure on dry land there is the Graystone adventure park where you and your escort in Crewe can choose a variety of activities from , skates, scooters, BMX, trampoline,¬† snowboarding and skiing as well as climbing. After enjoying any of these exerting pursuits you can chill out at the many bars and restaurants in the vicinity of Crewe Quays.

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